Pediatric Ophthalmology and Optometry

The Department of Ophthalmology at Children's Mercy Kansas City provides the highest-quality care for the entire range of vision and eye problems in children.

Ophthalmology Staff

Our ophthalmologists are specifically trained in childhood eye disorders and provide all medical and surgical management. Pediatric vision problems require special treatment because the brain cells that control vision are not fully developed in children. Many pediatric vision problems occur when these cells are not responding normally. Our team provides specialized care to address these issues.    

Ophthalmology Programs

Our team's expertise covers common problems such as blocked tear ducts, eyelid abnormalities and crossed eyes as well as rare, complex problems such as pediatric cataracts, glaucoma and eye tumors.

Department Highlights

  • Our program is one of only a few in the U.S. with a surgeon fellowship trained in pediatric refractive surgery and ophthalmology.
  • Patients have access to comprehensive services to treat tear duct disorders, including congenital lacrimal duct obstruction. 
  • Ability to provide corneal cross linking surgery to make the cornea stronger.
  • Adult patients with strabismus are evaluated and treated by members of the department.


Transition to Adult Care

Are you transitioning to an adult ophthalmology provider? Check out our list of adult-care providers, courtesy of our Transition program.

Pediatric Anesthesia at Children's Mercy

At Children’s Mercy, a pediatric anesthesiologist is an active member of your child’s care team before, during and after their surgery or procedure. We administer anesthesia for more than 27,000 kids per year—that’s 74 per day—so our team is experienced at finding just-right doses of medication for kids of all sizes. During the procedure, your anesthesiologist will carefully monitor your child’s heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing. Afterwards, your anesthesiologist will make sure your child wakes up as comfortably as possible and continue to help with pain control. Learn more about pediatric anesthesiology at Children's Mercy.

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