About the Children's Research Institute

The Children’s Research Institute is creating an integrated research environment where no boundaries exist between science and medicine. In our quest to find answers to pediatric medicine’s most challenging questions, we are collaborating with physicians, scientists, academic colleagues, philanthropic partners and others within our community, and around the world.

To accomplish our goals, we’re performing the highest quality research using the latest medical technologies. The hospital’s leadership in pediatric genomic medicine and clinical pharmacology is driving research and innovation in nephrology, heart care, cancer treatment and other subspecialties to provide answers for the most difficult cases and challenging pediatric conditions.

Integral to our efforts is our focus on applied informatics, the use of cutting-edge computational capabilities. Informatics helps us provide answers to children and their families by accelerating the process of research, improving the quality of research, making it possible to share data with other researchers, and even making new methods of research available.

We are building a dedicated, state-of-the-art biorepository, or “bank” where patient samples can be preserved for future research. The biorepository could potentially advance diagnostic discovery and clinical care for diseases where the greatest need exists, such as pediatric cancer.

A Bright Future for Pediatric Research

CRI_Updated Image

The Children’s Research Institute will consist of a nine-story structure making up approximately 375,000 square feet, including more than 3,000 linear feet of bench space for research and 140,000 square feet of shell space for future growth. Construction began in winter 2018.

Two iconic Kansas City families — the Hall Family Foundation and the Sunderland Foundation — joined together to donate $150 million to kickstart the construction of the future home of the Children’s Research Institute and accelerate the recruitment of top researchers from around the globe. This is the largest one-time gift ever made to a children’s hospital for pediatric research.

When Kansas City residents and visitors pass by the Children’s Research Institute, they will notice several of the windows are a different color from the rest. Those windows represent the genetic anomalies found in the DNA of children with specific rare diseases – just some of the difficult cases and questions the researchers inside the building are trying to solve.

Questions that lead to answers