Children's Research Institute Leadership

The Children’s Research Institute is a world-class facility where many of the best and brightest researchers are looking for answers to pediatric medicine’s most challenging questions.

Tom Curran, PhD, FRS, Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer, joined the Institute in February 2016. Dr. Curran has gathered a team of internationally recognized scientists and researchers whose sole focus is to serve the needs of children, and their important work is underway.

Tom Curran, PhD, FRS
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Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer

Tom Curran, PhD, FRS, holds the Donald J. Hall Eminent Scholar in Pediatric Research and he serves as the Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer of the Children’s Research Institute, Children’s Mercy, Kansas City. He is also a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine and a Professor of Cancer Biology in the University of Kansas School of Medicine.
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Susan Abdel-Rahman, PharmD

Director of Innovation in Healthcare Delivery
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Michael Artman, MD

Chair Pediatrics
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Kathy Goggin, PhD

Deputy Director
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Mark Hoffman, PhD

Chief Research Information Officer
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Leeder, Steve

Steven Leeder, PhD

Director, Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutic Innovation
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Kieran Pemberton, PhD

Manager of Research Development
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Mary Tomlinson

Vice President of Research Administration
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